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What is the creation of a turnkey website?

Now it has become fashionable to use the phrase “turnkey” as a prefix to the service. Turnkey houses are built, windows are installed, websites are created and other services are provided. It is not surprising for us that the majority of web studio clients do not understand what it means to create a turnkey website. Therefore, it is often asked about what is included in the service, because each performer implies a certain set of actions and amount of work. In this article we will explain what is the creation of a turnkey website and what the service includes.

So, the creation of turnkey websites – what is it? This is a set of actions, as a result of which a web studio client gets a ready-to-work web project. The client is only required to order the service, sign a contract and discuss the terms of reference. Web-studio specialists are engaged in the necessary work on the development of the site structure, market analysis and statistics, design development, layout, programming, optimization, testing. After work is completed, the client receives a login and password from the site and its services. The resource is completely ready for work and has already been sharpened for promotion, which means that it is ready to make a profit.

The benefits of the turnkey website development service are obvious. The client saves his time on re-applying to the performer, the performer does not call the client with the phrase “that’s where you need to add something or do something.” That is, you pay for the service cost fixed by the contractor and no longer worry about the need to spend more money on rework.

What services are included in the definition of “turnkey website”, and for which you need to pay extra
What is included in the cost of a turnkey website

Any web-studio under the concept of “turnkey” means a different set of actions that depend on the cost. It is logical that if the service costs little, then the work package will be the same. Using the example of our web studio, we can say that the “basis” of actions includes:

Analysis of business and competitors;
Analysis of the number and frequency of semantics ”;
Analysis of the target audience of a web project, drawing up an avatar of a potential buyer;
Creating the structure and prototype of the site;
Design development;
Layout and programming;
Technical optimization of pages for SEO-promotion;
Writing sales text for the design page;
Connecting resource to hosting.

We host the site on the hosting of our company and the service is free. But if the client wants to transfer his project to another hosting, he chooses and pays for it himself, depending on the conditions of the company providing the service. There are a lot of services that offer renting hosting. Many of them have their own nuances, confusing and incomprehensible. No one will spend an unlimited amount of time to deal with the problem of the host when installing it on it.

What is not included in the definition of turnkey website creation
It is important to understand that the concept of “turnkey website” includes not all services performed by the web studio. Below we list the type of work or service for which the client must pay.

1. Domain
Payment for the production service of a turnkey website is one-time, the domain must be paid annually. It is logical that the service can not be included in the package “turnkey”. The same story with paid hosting – it must be ordered and paid once a month. The domain will select the web studio or, in order to save, the client can do it yourself. We recommend reading the article on how to choose a domain name so that the name of the site is memorable and effective.

2. Advertising site
A site without ads is almost useless. It is necessary and important to attract customers from different sources. The cost of advertising in the amount may exceed the price of creating a site at times. In addition, it is necessary to constantly work on it so that the site brings the expected result. Therefore, you should pay for advertising as much time as you want the site to receive traffic.

3. Filling the site with content
Some web studios include in the “turnkey site” service a content of 10-15 pages with content. And it is good if the project consists of this number of pages. But there are types of sites, for example, an online store or site directory, which consist of several thousand products and the same number of pages.

For the artist it is very expensive to include the cost of filling the entire site with content, since content is an expensive piece. Writing one text, as a rule, costs from 80 hryvnia for one thousand characters, adding one photo – from 20 UAH. Therefore, payment for filling the resource with content is discussed individually depending on the number of texts / photos / videos that need to be placed on the pages. Content can be ordered in the web studio or learn how to select and write it yourself. Learn how to write a selling text to make it profitable.

4. Personal training to work with the site
Each professional web studio offers free basic training for the client to work with the resource. But customers come to sites with completely different levels of understanding.