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Convert a Word document to a PDF file and convert it to FB2

The use of desktop, mobile PC and tablet screens to read fiction, technical information and other materials has been widely used among users. It is also popular to use for these purposes portable devices, characterized by small displays.

Therefore, it will be useful for all owners of modern devices to know, and some people even have to figure out how to convert the Doc format to PDF or convert Word to Fb2. This will allow you to more conveniently obtain the necessary information using personal computers and various mobile devices.

For reference: a good alternative to the PDF format is Djvu. However, it is used to translate books with numerous formulas, graphs, drawings, and so on into a “digit”. In this regard, this format has received less distribution in comparison with its opponent.

You may wonder why convert Word to one of the above formats. Moreover, many computer owners are not ready to learn new editors, since they have not yet studied all the possibilities of Word.

Experienced users will smile in response to such a question, but for beginners you need to know that it often becomes necessary to post different documents on the Internet. It can be manuals, books translated into electronic form, and so on. These same files often have to be sent via email to colleagues, business partners, relatives and just friends.

For example, when I released my copywriting booklet or The Writer at Trial, I made it in two formats: Doc and Pdf.

In this case, Word is an excellent word processor, great for creating the above files. However, using it to read them is inconvenient. As a result, it is used for these purposes very rarely. That is why users tend to convert the Doc format to PDF or Fb2, which are used to read different information on modern stationary and mobile devices.

Convert Word to PDF
You can easily convert a Word document to PDF if you use the converter built into the Microsoft office application itself, as I did. In this case, the used version of the program can be any. First you need to create a document in this popular and functional editor, inserting necessary images and other elements into it. Then you have to implement the required formatting.

When it comes to saving the file, you need to select the PDF format, and not the option that is offered by default. However, the resulting PDF file will have too much weight.

Convert to Microsoft Office

After specifying the required format, you will have the opportunity to choose the level of optimization: standard or minimum file size. True, the difference between the two options is not too big. The default is the standard file size. After setting a tick on the desired item, press the “Save” button. Having done these steps several times, you can easily remember how to convert a file to PDF, using the capabilities of the Word editor itself.

About how I created the book and designed it, I showed and taught in this article.

Universal convector doPDF
When using MC Word tools, the final file is large. Therefore, it is more practical to use another option that allows you to convert PDF to Word – this is free doPDF software. It is available for download on the official resource. The program is a PDF-driver designed for the printer (when opening the Windows panel, you can see this utility when viewing the list of printers). For this reason, the convector is a universal program that allows you to print a document in PDF format.

How to download dopdf

The installation of this application is the same as a regular program. After running the installer, the software will ask if you need to download add-ons for MC Word. If necessary, their installation is required to leave a tick on the appropriate line. In this case, the doPDF convector tab will be displayed on the text editor toolbar. After pressing it, the tools will open, allowing you to save the file in PDF format. There will also be a settings button.

After clicking the “Install Now” button in the program window and completing the installation process of the convector, it will be possible to print the required document using the new virtual device in PDF format. In addition, you can convert JPG to PDF, as well as NotePad, WordPad and other text and other editors. In other words, it is possible to use any document that is allowed to print on a virtual printer.

As for Word, in this document you need to do the following:

press the print button;
select the virtual printer doPDF 9;
go to the properties of this device by clicking on the corresponding key located on the right side in the upper part of the window;
specify resolution in the range of 72-2400 dpi;
activate “OK” in 2 windows.