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20+ site creation mistakes that you should avoid

Savings when ordering the development of the site as a result becomes his worst enemy. In order to save, the customer forgets about the main thing – the quality of the site, which was created at a low cost. So it turns out that the money, any, spent, time spent, and the result – zero. And everything is connected with errors, which young and inexperienced novice developers or customers themselves, who make mistakes when ordering a website, without understanding how it should be as a result, may quite possibly make. This article was created for those who want to squeeze the most out of their site, to avoid critical and treacherous mistakes in its creation. Therefore, if you plan to order a site for a tick, then pass by. The rest is welcome.

Common mistakes when creating a site that will lead your project to failure
Typical errors are visible to the naked eye and catastrophically affect the quality of the site. They create a consistent chain that leads the site to failure. The error creates any discomfort for the user, the user leaves the site, the company loses potential customers. The result is obvious and he is dismal. Similar errors, which we give below, can be generated on any site, regardless of its type. Therefore, be careful and be sure to analyze your web project if it is at the development stage or has already been submitted to you.

Incorrect site structure
Site creation should always begin with the analysis and design structure. This is one of the most important criteria, which is immediately responsible for the convenience of using the site and its indexing and ranking by the search algorithm. The illogical relationship between folders, incorrect leveling, complicated, incorrect or incomprehensible navigation with the absence of breadcrumbs, as well as duplicate pages under different URLs will create one huge fatty minus in usability for the user and in promotion for search engines. And then everything is like a template: the user will not use the site if it is inconvenient or incomprehensible to him, and the search engines will lower the position of the pages in the list if they do not understand which of the pages is better ranked.

Wrong domain selection
Domain – more than a set of letters. This is a powerful marketing tool that will help the site move forward and become more recognizable to it. Therefore, the domain name must be chosen wisely. An illogical or incomprehensible word that does not read or does not symbolize a company can never help it increase its awareness, and will not bring customers who have remembered it as a memory. In addition, an incorrectly selected domain zone may also create problems with the further promotion of the site. Therefore, the choice of domain should be given attention, having studied the rules for its preparation. If this is your first encounter with this issue, we recommend reading the article on choosing a domain for the site.

Site Design and Usability Errors
It seems to some customers that the more creative in design, the better. Therefore, at their request, flash-animation and various colors, fonts, photos and videos somehow get along on the same page. In fact, it turns out a real fuss that critically affects usability. The site design should be harmonious, colors should be combined, readable fonts, bright and high-quality photos in the required quantity. Only in this case, the site creates a holistic picture, forms the user a correct impression of the company and becomes a motivator for surfing the pages.

In practice, the design of a website is one of the main factors that affect its usability. Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between all the elements so that each page visitor can comfortably and comfortably be on it, without forgetting about usability.

Very often, the customer, when choosing an idea for his site, is guided not by the TOP of the SEO issue, but by beautiful sites from the context, awwwards or other sources where the sites have nothing to do with search engine promotion, their structure is not sharpened.

Want to know how to choose colors for the site? Read recommendations on the selection of colors for the site on the blog Impulse Design.

Lack of cross-browser compatibility
Incorrect, incorrect display of the site in the browser forces the visitor to close the tab and find another site. As a result: a high failure rate and a negative result, which was not expected at all. It is not enough to impose a site for one or two of the most popular browsers, because of this, web design errors appear on others. It is necessary to cover all popular and somewhat not very popular web browsers in order not to miss a single targeted visitor.
Incorrect determination of the target audience when creating a project
Imagine that you, as a potential client, go to the site to buy a set of carpentry tools, and you open the site in pink with large colors on the background and in a lilac font.

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