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Rewriting and selling copywriting: see what it is

Friends and colleagues, hello! I love to conduct a comparative analysis of the whole row. Do you think it has nothing to do with copywriting? Perhaps, for the near-ryter, tapping out another bediolovny tekstik and does not have, but you and I will benefit. Today, using this method, I will tell you what it is – rewriting and copywriting and how they are fundamentally different.

To begin with, why did the desire to compare these two types of work on texts ever occur? The idea is simple and obvious: in the domestic Internet there is no serious attitude to people who write articles on the Internet, especially copywriters.

Most entrepreneurs never think of the fact that high-quality texts posted on their website can increase profits by tens and hundreds of times. And low-quality, on the contrary, to reduce. It seems to them that they just need to score content on the page, and the matter is ready. Someone else knows that there are search queries for which keys are compiled, and these keys need to be entered into the text. And that’s it! Business, for what is there to pay big money? With such an attitude, business owners will only thrive in rewriting. That same writing texts for the needs of sites, perhaps with some keys.

But, fortunately, among this crowd there are people who know the sense and value of this unique selling text. So, they understand that they need to be addressed not to an ordinary author, but to a real copywriter.

After reading my article to the end, you will clearly distinguish between these main concepts and understand what you are more interested in doing – rewriting or copywriting.

Definition Rewriting – rewriting someone else’s text in your own words. Executed to create a new unique text. Demanded when creating and updating the content of countless sites. The resulting text is rewriting. (this definition is also a rewrite) Copywriting is a professional activity in the creation of copyright selling (advertising) texts. Demand in all areas of activity. Especially popular in online trading. The text obtained as a result of copywriting has nothing to do with copyright. (copyright – copyright)

Confusion in the concepts of “rewriting” and “copywriting” was made by the very exchanges of articles in which many of us began our careers. Read below how our activity defines us, for example, Advego, and you will understand why most authors continue to consider themselves copywriters, having no idea at all about marketing and sales.

Fortunately, the situation is beginning to change for the better. Still, close cooperation with foreign partners also teaches our businessmen to appreciate specialists working with texts. The professions of copywriter and content writer are clearly separated there. If you need a selling text, be it a booklet, an offer, a landing page or a description of goods for online stores, contact a copywriter. If you need to write unique informative and interesting content for the site, blog, group in social networks, invite content writer.

If you want to learn how to learn each of these professions, subscribe to updates to my blog. I will tell you everything that I know about it, I will share the experience of creating different types of articles, and generally speaking, we will have a nice talk.
Ways to write an article When retelling someone else’s text, you can use: ¨ synonyms, ¨ permutations, ¨ replacing nouns with verbs and vice versa, ¨ change the structure of paragraphs and the whole text, ¨ rely on additional sources and generalize. When creating a selling text, it is important: ¨ to study all the characteristics of a product, service, business; ¨ to identify problems and interests of the target audience; ¨ when writing a text, rely on the AIDA marketing formula.
Obviously, in copywriting, writing the actual text takes the smallest part of the time. More goes on collecting material. Yes, and without knowledge of marketing is not enough. Here in this article about how to start copywriting.

Rewriting requires a rich vocabulary, creative thinking, perseverance and the ability to find the necessary source materials from a specialist.

In detail about the types of articles and ways of working on them, I tell in other articles of my blog. If you have not yet found an answer to your question, write in the comments, I will definitely answer you.

The main place of work is the Internet. Creating content for blogs, websites, groups in social networks is the task of the web writer. Orders can be received on content exchanges, you can earn by selling articles through content stores. Used in online and offline business. Customers are looking for copywriters on: ¨ content exchanges¨ at copywriting agencies¨ through Google and Yandex search on social networks
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