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The right combination and selection of colors for the site: recommendations for beginners

80% of all information from the outside world, we perceive through vision. When we see an object, assess its appearance, shape and color, we create a first impression of it. A person can understand in a split second that he wants to buy a product just because he likes his color, their beautiful combination, the chosen palette. Agree, you are unlikely to decide to buy yellow-green pants in red peas and go to them for an important meeting, because the colors are absolutely not combined and you will look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

A similar perception of color occurs at the user at the sight of the site. The design of the resource is the first thing that catches the eye of a person, and its color is the first thing that is estimated. Immediately, subconsciously, the user decides whether he will remain on the page or close it, whether he likes the colors of the site, whether they cause him pleasant and correct associations or, conversely, repel and form negative emotions.

Bad color palette site
That is why it is important to know what colors to choose for your site, how to combine them in order to form the right associations and impressions for the user – those that will become a motivator for viewing the site and further targeted actions.

In this article we will describe how to work with the color palette, how to choose the color scheme in web design, and also tell you what services you can use if you are new to this issue.

The dependence of the color of the site and its style from the target audience
The choice of the style of the site in terms of its color performance should depend directly on the target audience, its age category, occupation, preferences and interests. Imagine the situation. The site sells new car brands. Accordingly, his target audience is wealthy men over 35 years old. And now think, will a visitor of your site want to see the proposals, if the site will be filled in pink? Very doubtful. In this case, the resource and the company itself-the seller will be taken lightly, hence the reputation of the company. Here you have a vivid example of a site for the sale of knitted products, where Central Asia, mostly women. Not impressive, right?

The essence is clear – the combination of colors on the site should correspond to the target audience. Therefore, before you finally choose a color solution, it is necessary to study your potential buyer in detail.

The color scheme for the site: how to choose?
We have already decided that the colors of the site should correspond to the target audience. Now let’s talk about what specific color scheme should be chosen for each group and how to do it.

The principle of choosing the color palette in accordance with the Central Asian
If it speaks in general about color solutions, we recommend relying on the following recommendations:

For sites on children’s themes, the best colors for the site are bright, contrasting and positive;
For resources, where Central Asia – girls and women are gentle, bright;
For sites where the target audience is men – dark or neutral.
Of course, every nuance needs to be thought through. If the site has a target audience of both men and women (for example, a company sells general consumption goods), then in such cases one should rely on neutrality. Not a small value and corporate identity. If it already exists and is strengthened in the market (for example, a logo or a brand is familiar with everything), then the main colors on the site should be “branded”. But, nevertheless, you should not forget about the rules of contrast and motivation to action with the help of color.

The combination of colors for the site
In fact, the process of choosing the colors that blend together is not so difficult. The main thing is to adhere to the principle of simplicity – do not use more than 3-4 different colors, select shades that are combined with each other. In this case, the color ring created by Newton in the early 18th century will help. Of course, this example is already outdated, as designers and architects are given the opportunity to choose among thousands of shades with the help of special services online, which we will discuss next.

Since its inception, artists and scientists have developed an idea, creating a wide variety of shades. Initially, the idea was that there are only three primary colors: blue, red and yellow. When mixing two colors appeared shade. When mixing a shade with the main color, a new shade appeared. With the help of combinations of shades in different proportions of saturation, a modern circle of color palette appeared. Thanks to this circle, you can choose primary and secondary colors using different combination methods, thereby affecting the correct perception of the site by the user.

When grouping colors, you can create your own shades using the saturation tool and the aperture ratio. Saturation is responsible for the purity of the selected tone (the more its saturation, the less the gray is in it), and the luminosity for the brightness.

Color contrasts
Each color has its opposite color. Shades contrasting to the main selected color are most often placed on the site — they emit triggers.

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