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Everything you need to know about the corporate website

The idea of ​​a site that is able to work on two fronts at once, solving tasks and employees of a company and its clients, possessing tremendous opportunities and inevitably achieving set goals, is by no means a utopia. Today, the corporate website has become something more than the information representation of the company in the network. This is one of the most powerful tools for commercial and non-profit organizations, companies of large and medium-sized businesses, contributing to their rapid and stable development on the Internet. What is the secret of this site? We will understand further.

What is a corporate website?
Corporate site is a high-quality and full-fledged presentation of the company on the Internet. Its main goal is to attract new customers or partners (or strengthen existing partnerships), to develop the business by disclosing the company’s advantages, a detailed description of its activities, services or products. The purpose of creating a corporate website depends directly on the desires or needs of the company itself. In particular, it may be a seizure of a new niche or entry into the international market.

The main value and distinction of the corporate site is that it can perform a number of other tasks that are no less important for the company. In particular, with the help of certain functions, to maintain a round-the-clock relationship with customers or partners, to be a file storage and a tool for the workflow of the company’s employees and their internal communication. In addition, a corporate website can sell and advertise the company’s activities, becoming a fairly effective advertising platform.

Company site is her business card
The main tasks of the corporate site
The objectives of the site directly depends on the type of business and the goals of the company. We give only the main ones.

Formation and enhancement of the company’s image
With the help of design elements, information about the company, the company’s website can become a powerful tool for shaping the company’s image, strengthening its market position, and strengthening customer loyalty to it. With the help of the organization’s website, you can promote corporate identity, increase brand awareness. In general, work to ensure that the target audience and partners perceive the company exactly as its leadership wants.

Expansion of client and partner base
Placing information about the company and its activities, various conditions for cooperation that will be of interest to other companies (if it is a B2B website), a section with contacts, the ability to communicate with an online consultant, the availability of a feedback form – each element helps to attract new customers and partners , retain existing.

Organization website
Providing CA with full information about the company
By their nature, the organization’s website does not limit the amount of content at all. On the contrary, the more the information about the company and its activities is disclosed, the more convenient it is for the target audience. If the visitor finds all the answers to their questions about the company on its website, then there is no need to contact representatives of the company. This, in general, reduces the burden on employees.

Corporate site is a place where a company talks about itself.
Sections of a business site can be in any quantity. The main thing is that the site provides the maximum possible information about the company. These may include:

Information about the company itself: its history, achievements, work results;
Information about the management and staff of the company;
Information about goods or services sold by the company with their very detailed description;
All sorts of information for partners;
Blog and more.
From an informative point of view, a corporate website can contain absolutely any amount of content that may be of interest to Central Asia.

Do you want to sign what the optimal product card should be in the online store? Read recommendations on creating and filling product pages for SEO and users.

The possibility of selling goods and services
A corporate website can become an inexpensive platform for advertising – it is worth only posting information about promotions and special offers on it. Such advertising will cost the site owners at times cheaper. Also, the site may include features for direct sales, thereby bringing the company’s profits.

What is a corporate website?
Attracting new employees
The company’s website can help it to abandon the services of recruitment agencies and save money on submitting ads for recruiting employees to newspapers. It is enough to create a section by placing the appropriate information in it. Information about the requirements for the candidate, information about his benefits and career growth will greatly simplify the task of finding new employees.

Types of corporate sites
Based on the objectives and goals of developing corporate websites, various types of them have been formed. Consider them in more detail.

Corporate site business card
A great option for young companies that already know their target audience, and plan to create a website as a startup. Such a resource, as a rule, is rather small, can consist of several pages, or be completely single-page.

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