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What are the rewriting techniques and find the hidden picture in the text 18+

Oh, almighty rewriting! When the master of the pen is taken for it – an article on any, the most frequently encountered topic may become unrecognizable for ingenious programs designed specifically for plagiarism. And today we will talk in more detail about what rewriting techniques are. I wrote about the very concept of rewriting in this article.

Rewriting is convenient because it allows even a novice, not very well versed in the subject, to make a more or less original text. It is enough to have a good vocabulary and to own the rules of spelling. It remains only to master the various techniques of rewriting.

They are divided into three categories:
technical or surface rewriting;
complex or deep rewriting;
SEO rewriting.
We have already discussed the first and second types, therefore we will discuss them further in a practical application.

How I checked the statistics
Superficial rewriting web writers themselves called speed. And indeed, to replace the order of words and some words with their synonyms in the text, it does not take much time. Technology superfast rewriting – it is even more superficial option.

Statistics says: replacing an average of the third and fourth words in the text already makes it unrecognizable for anti-plagiarism programs.

Before reporting this information to you, I checked it. Slightly correcting a short paragraph by 300 characters (without spaces, of course), drove it through Advego Plagiatus and Etxt Antiplagiat – the two most popular programs for determining content uniqueness. According to the first program, the result was 90% / 100% – for rewriting it is super-quality. On the second anti-plagiarism, and in general 100%. No program has issued the address of the site, the text of which I ran.

Not satisfied with this, I compared two texts in the Etxt exchange service (and here is the instruction for this exchange), which I already told you about: text comparison. The program of comparing texts recognized the uniqueness of my text in 100%, although the keywords remained unchanged, only minor ones were corrected.

For example, even the program already considers such a change of the word order to be unique:

No need to think that everything is so simple, and absolutely any text can be easily changed in this way. It all depends on the number of similar texts on the Internet and the frequency of use of established phrases used in it. If you ever come across the need to otreraytit with a good uniqueness of the text of stainless steel utensils, you will understand what I mean.

Deep rewriting takes more time and requires more preparation. Often, to make a serious processing of the text, you need to view several sources. As we have already discussed, often the requirement for the text itself and the sources we have suggest deep rewriting: combining information from different articles into one. In addition, programs for identifying surface rewriting are being improved more and more, it is becoming more difficult to deceive them by simply replacing words. Yes, and pay for this type of work with texts less. Therefore, sooner or later, all those who have made this type of activity their specialty come to deep processing.

Rewriting is considered quality if the uniqueness check is 80% or higher.

It is difficult to demonstrate deep rewriting in one sentence – as a rule, it works with all the text as a whole. Deep rewriting has its own techniques.

Permutation of semantic parts. As in a sentence, you can rearrange the word order neatly and gracefully, so in the texts you can replace parts. There are two ways of presenting information: from the particular to the general and vice versa, from the general to the particular. If the material with which you work, there is one of these ways of presenting information, then it can be very easily replaced with the reverse without loss of meaning. The main thing is to make sure that when replacing the parts they continue to be connected with each other. Author’s drawing
Adding examples and information. Very often in the texts there is no specifics. “Scientists have proved” or “experts say” – this is what unscrupulous writers are trying to bribe readers. For a thoughtful person, such streamlined phrases will raise doubts about the reliability of this kind of information. To improve the quality of such a text, it must be filled with concrete evidence: who, when and where conducted the research. Thus, rewriting an article with a fair addition of real facts will greatly benefit.
Change of style. Replacing the style from scientific to journalistic, conversational to popular science and others – this also applies to deep rewriting. Rewrite and improve: this is what a copywriter can offer a website owner. So the improvement of the content on the site is an excellent area of ​​the application.

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