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Features and examples of the development of B2B sites

The goals and objectives of B2B sites are larger and more complex from those that are placed in front of typical sites such as “business for customers.” Therefore, the requirements from a technical and marketing point of view are much higher. After all, the final decision on cooperation is taken by several persons. Therefore, it is necessary to satisfy the need of each of them. And usability is responsible for this, which is very important to think through to the smallest detail.

In this article we will give examples of typical mistakes in the development of B2B sites, and also try to provide you with the correct direction vector in creating business to business sites based on the examples given.

The first step is the strategy, the second is the design
B2B website development strategy
Needless to say that the strategy when creating B2B sites is fundamental? Designing separately from the strategy is a gross mistake and a failure. First, you need to develop a strategy, work it out and think it through, and only after that go to the design. Think, indicating the cost on the main page is included in the overall strategy of the project? What is the purpose of a B2B site – improving the image of the company or expanding the customer base by placing an order?

For developers and company owners, it is always an acute question to provide direct information on the cost of products. Here it is worth dancing from the main goals. If you plan to develop a commercial project on which specific services will be presented at an already formed cost, then why not say about it on the main page? If design services are provided that require calculations, the answer to the question of the cost demonstration lies on the surface.

Common bugs in B2B sites
Using templates in the development of B2B sites is always more convenient and faster. One of the most common templates is to use the image of a consultant.

It is even worse when a standard photo of a smiling girl of good looks, taken from Google search results in pictures, is placed. Where is the photo can be found? Yes, anywhere. And this step has a very negative effect on the impression of the client company. After all, it is much more pleasant to get advice from a real employee than not knowing a specialist by sight.

Tip: Always use photos of real employees, even if they are not very successful.

Also a common mistake in the context of an online assistant – a demonstration of a specialist in online mode. We go to any site and see a message from the support agent that he is ready to answer the question right now. We write your question and get: “We will contact you soon.” Do not be fooled by your clients; always indicate the actual time to contact the client so that he does not wait, staring at the screen of his computer, waiting for the answer of the online consultant who is not at all online at this moment.

Let’s talk about the company
How easy it is to describe your company with stationery words: “we are professionals”, “we are experienced”, etc. These stamps are viewed instantly, creating the impression of complete lack of professionalism.

What to do? Speak in numbers, facts. Tell about what you REALLY do without these abstruse words that are used in each description.
Features of the development of a commercial B2B site
As a rule, client companies, before making a final decision on cooperation, browse a dozen sites of companies that are your direct competitors. Getting to your B2B site, they want to see what they have not yet seen. As a rule, this consists in additional “buns”, which may be:

Quick and free account registration;
Affordable self-service system;
Instant communication with support;
Connecting the bank payment system.
You can help a potential client who is already tired of searching by offering him convenient ways of finding the right product. Plan your navigation, add filters to the search bar and let the customer find the product you are looking for in 2 clicks.

It will not be superfluous to be able to compare selected products according to individual characteristics.

For easy searching are also important:
Tips for entering the name of the position or its category;
Placement of search columns on each page;
High search speed and ease of use;
The ability to filter search results.
Item Card in B2B website
The product card on the “business to business” site is the second most important one after the main page. Getting on it, a potential client should receive a maximum of information that interests him.

What should be included on the page:
Cost of goods or price range;
Technical characteristics of the product with a specialized description;
A very detailed description of the features and purpose of the product;
Image with the possibility of increasing the image;
Information on availability;
Ways to order / buy, delivery and payment information.
It is also good if the product card contains suggestions for additional related products or alternative ones. It will not be a minus and feedback from customers.