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Where to order a turnkey website

Selecting an artist to create a site is an important step on which the result of the work and, as a result, the success of the project and business depends. But before ordering a turnkey website, it is important to independently work out the idea of ​​the site, present the design or determine the specific elements that you would like to see on the site, and the functionality that contributes to the user experience. To simplify the task of the performer and not get lost in your notes, it is better to write them down, making suggestions, links to other resources for which you liked the design or individual elements. After finishing the preparatory work, start searching for a web developer.

Where to order a turnkey website directly depends on the budget that you are ready to allocate for the creation of a website. The future project will have such a level, how much is invested in it. You can, based on the prices of services, choose a developer. This could be a single freelancer, a small web studio, or a major internet development agency. The choice of the developer also depends on the goals of the site. If you want to order a resource of an informational nature that does not imply commercial activity, then one specialist will cope with the task (if it really is one). Sites for businesses are better to trust web studios, which employ a group of web developers responsible for certain stages of work.

Who better to order a website?
We decided on a group of performers, the quality and efficiency of the project, as well as its cost, depend on the capabilities and preparation of which. What to expect from the work of each of the type of web developers?

Website development by one specialist
Today, every web development specialist offers to order a turnkey website. Turning to it, you get the benefits:

Low prices for services ;
Work on the project by one person, which implies convenience for the customer (no need to look for different artists depending on different technical processes).
The disadvantages of cooperation are associated with a high level of risk. It is rare to meet a specialist who can cover the whole project without making a lot of mistakes. A specialist may be good at programming, but not know the rules and requirements for the layout or have a good understanding of the layout, but do not have enough experience in the development of design or marketing analysis. As a result, there is a very high risk of getting a raw project that requires improvement, and this is an additional cost of money and time.

Website development by a small web studio

Reasonable cost of services ;
The ability to order a website and get a good result;
Technically developed project;
Additional services.
In small web studios, as a rule, beginners work. This is not freelancers, but not professionals. Very often, web studios are created by a small group of people who are united by an idea and a desire, they are ready to learn and develop, but at the time of a startup, their knowledge and experience is not enough to create a premium level website. Therefore, errors are not excluded, which will also require improvement.

3-5 people work in small web-studios, they are forced to turn to third-party specialists (for example, content managers, copywriters, testers, etc.) for additional services, which may affect the cost of services and deadlines for the project not in your favor.

Website creation by internet marketing agency

A large staff of specialists;
Guarantee of professionalism and convenience of cooperation;
100% successful project, delivered on time;
A number of additional services.
The disadvantages include high prices for services. Premium web studios offer to order the site in Kiev at prices from 20 thousand hryvnia and above. And although such a cost “hits the pocket,” you will get a really good resource that meets your wishes, the requirements of search engines and the target audience.


You have the opportunity to order a site not only in Kiev and Ukraine, but also in the CIS countries. The choice of the artist is wide, in order to determine one of all, you will have to “sweat up” fairly, looking through the portfolio of works and reading reviews from clients. First of all, rely on the budget, and then – on the capabilities of the developer. Remember that the success of a web project and the development of your company on the Internet depends on the experience and training of the contractor. Therefore, if you are going to order a website, do not be stingy, so that in the future you will not break your head and not look for specialists who will help to finalize the project and bring it to mind.
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