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SEO site audit when creating or doing a technical task to develop the site correctly

Are you planning to develop a website that will be further promoted through SEO? Already at this stage you want to minimize possible mistakes, eliminate the need for improvements for effective promotion, thereby saving your money? Or does the developer recommend you to perform an SEO audit for the development of the site for a fee, and you doubt its good intentions? Let’s finally understand what an SEO site audit is when it is created and why it is needed. We will show with examples of our web studio specialists how the process is performed and help you understand how this works as a result.

Why do you need an SEO site audit and what is it?
To begin with, we will define what it is – an audit of the site. SEO site audit is a resource analysis for errors that affect or may affect SEO promotion. There is an external and internal audit of the site. An external audit analyzes donors (sites that place external links on their pages), anchor lists for unnatural links that the search engines do not forgive, and analyzes the growth of the reference mass. These works are performed after the launch of the site and its indexing, when the promotion gives the first results.

Most of the time specialists have an internal SEO audit of the site. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, an audit can be performed for a period of 7 days to 3 months. During this period, a huge check-list of various elements and indicators is analyzed: site structure, content, page code, usability, determines compliance with the official and unofficial search engine requirements, and much more.

The goal of SEO audit is to find errors on the site that may interfere with the project’s progress in the search and make recommendations for their elimination. useful if you plan to further promote the site in search, develop your business and customer base.

When analyzing, a huge amount of critical errors in the structure of the site, the program part and other directions can emerge. And such improvements at cost can be equated to the amount of site creation, which was spent by the client, and this is far a lot of money, which legitimately causes the indignation of the customer. This is especially sad when the site has just been developed, and immediately receives a similar verdict. However, this could have been avoided if at the very start of the project, prior to its development, a special SEO audit was conducted to develop the site. What will be discussed further.

SEO site audit vs SEO site creation audit: what is the difference?
Many clients confuse two similar concepts, which in fact differ in the feature of the execution of work. SEO audit to create a site is a subtype of SEO audit and is carried out before the site was created. And its goal is to make a technical task for the development of the site taking into account the specifics of the subject, the requirements of search engines and the characteristics of the target audience.

If standard SEO gives the task to finalize the finished project, then an audit to create the site is a recommendation on how the future project should look and work, so that it will appeal to users and search engines, and not require additional huge budgets for refinement.

This is where the real value of SEO audit to create a website lies – a chance to save significantly, initially developing the site correctly.

An example of technical specifications for the development of a website
What problems does an audit of site development solve?
SEO audit solves a number of problems that lead to huge financial costs. Unforeseen expenses that you were unaware of and did not calculate your budget to cover them. Therefore, in order not to pay for the development of the site and for its revision, it makes sense to order an audit and immediately save money. What will you save on? What problems does SEO audit solve on site development? Consider further.

Errors in the choice of site type
A critical error may occur even before the site is developed. One has only to make a mistake and choose the wrong type of site. Further errors are collected on the thumb: the wrong type of site is chosen – the wrong engine is chosen – the site does not match the business. In such cases, rework costs either cosmic money, or is impossible at all, and customers avoid them. Alternatively, you may be advised to change the site engine to fit the business. And this is actually the development of the site from scratch. SEO audit eliminates this possibility.

What is a website seo audit during its development and why is it needed?

The type of site is selected depending on the client’s business and the goals that one wants to achieve by developing a web project. Based on the selected type of site, SEO experts will make recommendations on how the landing pages should look, and programmers will select the appropriate engine.

You are the owner of a motorcycle repair shop and want to order your own website. You provide only repair services and do not plan to sell parts for motorcycles on the Internet. Some use the CMS online store.