How to make a technical task (TZ) for a copywriter?
The main problem of obtaining water and useless texts from copywriters lies in the absence of a properly written technical task for them. Or its complete absence. A small list…

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What is the domain and hosting for the site Rubric: Website creation
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How to promote Landing page?

After creating the landing page, it is important to think about its promotion. In 90% of cases, landing is promoted through contextual advertising. This is an inexpensive and fairly effective way to get the first visitors within 2-3 hours after the launch of an advertising campaign on the Internet. However, the action of this type of advertising goes to “no”, when ads are not paid and stop showing.

Many customers are interested in whether it is possible to promote a landing page for SEO. Some web studios claim not. In fact, it turns out that it is possible, and such a percentage of refusals from the executors is only because the promotion of the selling page by the SEO method is quite complicated. However, it is important to understand that the effect of SEO promotion only grows with time and the achieved results remain for a long time.

The cost of contextual advertising and SEO is also different. SEO promotion leads the main traffic, PPC in this case acts as an additional tool. Their choice depends on the goal. If a company wants to raise its reputation from scratch, advertise itself and attract natural traffic by increasing the number of sales in general, it’s better to use SEO. If immediate and short-term sales are required (for example, when entering a stock), then PPC is the best option. Although it is worth noting that in some niches, contextual advertising is the basis of the company’s earnings. You need to know what a landing page is and remember that everything very much depends on a niche, choosing the right methods for promoting landing page.

Pros and cons of PPC and SEO promotion landing page
To begin with, remember that contextual advertising is an ad that is shown above or below on the search results page. But the purpose of the SEO (search engine optimization) is the entry of the site in the TOP 10 for certain requests. These are two different tools that carry the same goal – to make the landing page be seen by as many users as possible.

We now turn to an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of ways to promote.

In the short term, the use of contextual advertising will be cheaper, because after setting up and launching, the site immediately appears on the first page of the search engines. The cost of SEO promotion depends on the specific methods of promotion, competition on the niche. Therefore, it may vary, but, nevertheless, in the amount of this type of promotion will cost more. Although it is worth remembering about the effectiveness of promotion and the total income for the entire period of advertising landing. SEO promotion will be more profitable. That is, in the short-term perspectives, contextual advertising is cheaper, and in the long-term, SEO optimization of landing pages will be much more profitable.

Target traffic
The number of visitors to the landing page, who came through search results, will be greater than the traffic on contextual advertising. But in order to get the maximum number of leads with the help of a CEO, you need to invest a large amount of money and constantly monitor the factors affecting the result.

Advertising campaign management
In this case, PPC is the undoubted leader. A full control window allows you to independently manage your ad content, add search queries, geo-targeting, specify a specific region of the country, etc.

The possibilities of SEO optimization are limited, and it is practically impossible to independently optimize a website without relevant knowledge.

Google Adwords Website Functionality

Effect speed
To set up paid advertising, you need from 4-5 hours. After setting up and launching advertising begins to pour traffic and immediately bring visitors. After launching the SEO promotion, the first visitors will appear at least 3 weeks later and significantly lower in conversion, since such users have most likely already seen dozens of sites before reaching us.

Duration of the result
The effect of SEO optimization lasts longer. Even if the SEO promotion is stopped, she will continue to act for a while. The effect of paid advertising on Google lasts as long as there are prepayments for it. As soon as the payment of advertising ends, it stops and will be ineffectual.

Ideally, when the landing page will be promoted simultaneously in two ways.

Why landing is not progressing?
The search system with great distrust relates to sites consisting of one page, so it is almost impossible to get into the TOP organic issue. The solution is quite simple – creating a blog inside the landing page. For example, you can bring 6-20 materials of thematic content from the blog to the landing page. It is incredibly important that the description for each article (preview) was unique and not duplicated in the internal pages of the site.

If contextual advertising needs only investments and simple configuration manipulations, then things are a little more complicated with the CEO. The inefficiency of a CEO may be due to a number of factors, since it affects:

Reference profile;
H1, H2 and H3;
Consider each factor separately, since even one item from the list can positively affect the landing page promotion.


How to make a technical task (TZ) for a copywriter?
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