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Site constructors rating

There was a need to create your website, but you do not know how to choose an online service that will allow you to design the necessary resource as profitably as possible? The problem really exists because of the variety of services in the Runet, which differ in capabilities, options and pricing. Making the right choice will help my top site designers, consisting of 11 reviews of the most popular resources. The rating includes reliable and proven platforms suitable for use by both professionals and beginners who do not have knowledge in the field of web-design and programming.

Online site builder is a specialized service. The system consists of a set of tools that allow you to create the desired site in the online mode. When using it, practically no skills are required, including knowledge of working with hosting, which is a cloud storage. This is where all the files of the created resource are placed.

Most popular platforms have a wide audience. Users use them to accelerate the process of creating client resources. They are protected from spam, viruses and DDoS attacks. Their hosting is stable. This is the responsibility of the professional team of each online service with advanced technical support and user communities.

Log in to the control panel of the site through a browser installed on your computer and on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). The device used, necessarily connected to the global network, can be controlled by any operating system (Windows, Android, MacOS, Ubuntu, iOS).

Criteria for choosing an online service
The best site designer has a simple interface. His control panel (admin) allows you to design and edit the design of web pages. With the help of a well-designed interface, it becomes possible to conduct maintenance and promote your site.

Select the online tool for creating a resource from scratch by the following parameters:

The experience of a particular person in this field is a user with no experience, with appropriate skills or a professional in website development.
Type of resource – Landing, online store, online business card and so on.
Number of ready layouts – how many free templates are in the catalog?
The level of adaptability of templates – the ability to use layouts from the catalog for the development of sites that are easy to view on mobile devices.
The degree of customization is the ability to customize templates, including web design.
Availability of training materials – instructions for using the online platform.
Availability – availability of a free period of service use.
Technical support – the ability to ask for help.
Adding code and performing template editing – changing the layout style through the HTML hypertext markup language, as well as describing the appearance of the CSS document, as well as adding personal elements.
The presence of a trial – the presence of a test period with the ability to use advanced options.
The minimum cost is the lowest fare price.
Payment options – methods of payment for selected rates and services.
The presence of a free domain – the conditions for its connection when choosing a free tariff.
Integration – the ability to increase the functions of the site by connecting to other services.
SEO – optimization of the created resource.
Web integration with the CRM system – the ability to transfer orders from the resource in automatic mode.
Exporting and importing marketable products – the ability to upload to the catalog the maximum number of products.
Online payment – the number and type of available payment systems.
Integration with social networks – the ability to leave comments, the presence of special buttons and widgets.
These criteria are common when choosing free website builders. On a single platform, certain parameters are present, and on the other – may be missing.

The ranking of the best free tools prepared below will help you to get acquainted with popular platforms that allow you to create a client resource. In compiling it, the demand for services, their advantages and disadvantages were taken into account.

Tilde allows you to create small corporate and informational Internet projects, shops and Landing Page. The functions of the platform are sharpened by the effective design of longrid. The service is distinguished by the presence of a large number of blocks, allowing to combine visual, video and text content.

The user has the opportunity to independently develop the desired layout of the site.

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