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What is interesting on the Internet: 21 kinds of exciting resources

What is interesting on the Internet: 5 practical advice + 21 kinds of useful and exciting resources for all.

The one who enters the world wide web remains here forever …

Indeed, how can you voluntarily leave the network, when there are so many exciting sites, useful programmers, cool videos, etc.

But how to find out what is interesting on the Internet today, how to make the pastime here not only entertaining, but also useful?

No wonder they say that the network – the main thief of the time of modern man. In order not to regret about the hours spent at the computer, you need to learn how to combine business with pleasure.

What is interesting on the Internet, everyone decides for himself

I remember that indescribable feeling when you first discover the virtual world.

I met a computer connected to the Internet many years ago, but I still remember those feelings: delight, genuine interest, misunderstanding, as I lived without all this before.

At first, I spent all my free time on the Internet, looking for something interesting, but often, just wandering aimlessly from site to site.

Gradually, I calmed down and began to filter resources for those that may be interesting and useful, and for those that simply steal time.

And then I learned how to earn money on the Internet and realized that this is the most interesting for me.

5 tips for those who are looking for something interesting on the Internet:

Decide what you need on the Internet.

I think you have noticed that behind the aimless transitions from site to site, after hanging up on social networks, watching some stupid vidyashek, you can quietly kill the whole day.

Do you really have so much free time that you are willing to spend it on anything?

Bookmark sites that you find interesting and useful and that you use often.

No matter how you use the search engine, in each of them you can create bookmarks that will be located in the upper field of the monitor.

To easily find what you need, organize them, making folders with clear names, for example: “Work”, “Finance”, “Training”, “Communication”, etc.

Do not spend on entertainment on the Internet more than 2 hours a day.

Of course, a person cannot work around the clock, but it is also impermissible to hang around aimlessly on the network, looking at some nonsense.

Control, so that interesting, but useless resources (for example, sites with serials, social networks, funny videos, etc.) you spend no more than two hours a day.

If you have a free minute, spend it with benefit on the Internet.

Do you have a day off?

But this does not mean at all that it should be spent watching silly comedies or something else no less useless.

Balance your time so that half a day is set aside something interesting, but sensible: reading biographies of successful people, watching a seminar on self-development, passing a virtual master class, etc.

The fact that today does not seem too interesting, tomorrow will become vital.

Our brains can be compared with the muscles of the body: if you constantly engage in the gym, your body will be slim, beautiful and fit.

But if you quit and start eating everything, then very soon you will see a not so attractive picture in the mirror.

It’s the same with brains: while you load them, you develop and easily perceive new information, websites with gossip and gags start to annoy you with their stupidity, and it’s interesting that you can benefit from.

What is interesting and useful to have on the Internet?

One of my former superiors, an old lady, loved to repeat: “The Internet is such a cesspool, so sorry that young people are killing all their time there!”

I didn’t argue with her, but I couldn’t understand why a lady who only watches TV shows on the net, like Carmelites and collects the wildest gossip she shares for her morning coffee, blames the youth for something.

While I was working there, I was completely green, but I had no desire to climb Internet bins — I tried to spend time on the net with the benefits that I want for you.

Useful and interesting sites on the Internet for self-development
v-internete-interesno I am convinced that interesting should not mean stupid and useless. On the Internet to spend time properly and can be.

If you adhere to the same opinion, then you will surely like the sites that help in self-development and self-education.

There are a lot of them today, though not all are of the same quality, but by analyzing the content of resources, you can add several links to your bookmarks.

Useful and interesting sites on the Internet are:

With their help, you can not just learn something new, but even get quite a decent education.

Among the most popular are: Coursera, Udemy, Universarium, Khan Academy, University without Borders, 4brain, Intuit and many others.


The goal of their creators is not to teach you how at school or university, but to give food to your mind, to make you think.

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