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Cognitive facts about Twitter and the history of the development of microblogging services

Twitter is a great example of how a surprisingly simple idea can be implemented via the Internet and turned into a world famous company that will only grow over the years.

Today, this system of microblogging is used by millions of users and consider it the most convenient way to express their thoughts. But in any barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment – Twitter has many problems that the company hasn’t yet been able to solve – not all users can express their thoughts in 140 characters or they don’t understand why they need to create tweets.

Therefore, most accounts are used only for reading and there is a high probability that Twitter will simply turn into a global marketing tool.

Let’s find out more facts about this internet network. We propose to do this in the form of a presentation video or the text version that is familiar to many:

#one. National Page Management

# In Sweden there is an interesting tradition – the official page of the state @Sweden is handed over to the management of a random Swede, who wished to participate in the project, for a week.

# 2. Platform for commenting big events

In 2014, network users published more than 2.1 million tweets during the presentation of the Golden Globe American Film Awards. In the US, during the NFL playoffs, users added over 5.6 million tweets.

# 3. Archiving messages

In the US, there is a law that requires you to keep every tweet created by the Americans in the archives of the Library of Congress.

#four. The work of special services

US CIA officers read and analyze up to 5 million messages on Twitter daily.

#five. Bieber’s followers

Despite Justin Bieber’s ambiguous reputation, the number of people on his Twitter account is now more than the population of Spain.

# 6. Religion and the Internet

Modern technologies and the #network of the Internet have even influenced the religious world: according to the Vatican, a person can shorten his time in purgatory by subscribing to the Pope’s page on Twitter.

# 7. Dictionary of slang and abbreviations

A special dictionary of slang and acronyms, which are used by users on Twitter, has been created for the employees of the American special services and the FBI. The dictionary helps investigators quickly analyze the essence and value of certain sentences.

#eight. The tool in the hands of intruders

On April 23, 2013, a tweet appeared on the network, which caused damage to shareholders of American companies more than 130 billion dollars in damage. This message was sent from the page of the authoritative edition of the Associated Press, access to which was acquired by the attackers. In an untruthful message was written about the explosion in the White House and the injury of Obama.

#9. Fake fans

Curious journalists conducted an investigation, which concluded that almost 50% of Justin Bieber’s twitter followers are bots.

#ten. Educational tool

Fans of military history should know (and possibly subscribe) that there is an account on Twitter that describes the actions of the Second World War in “real time.”

#eleven. New message creation speed

According to recent statistical studies, Twitter microblogging users create 278,000 tweets every second.

#12. Twitter addiction

Researchers at human psychology are shocked by the results of studies that have shown that Twitter is more addictive than bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol.

#13. Twitter vs Facebook

As of 2014, Twitter users created ~ 350 thousand tweets every minute, and users of the Facebook social network – put ~ 382 thousand likes for the same period of time.

#14. Real virtual data sizes

If you print all the messages from Twitter in just 1 day, then you can create a book with 10 million pages.

#15. Passive users

Despite the enormous popularity of the network, Twitter has big problems – many users do not understand why they should keep their own microblogging. Recent statistics show that 44% of registered users have never created tweets.

#sixteen. News speed

When the news of the death of Michael Jackson became public, this tragic event was mentioned at a speed of 5,000 tweets per minute.

# 17. What is the name of the Twitter bird?

Larry is the name of the official talisman and bird depicted on the web logo.

#18. Worthy equivalent

In 2011, Twitter users created daily content equivalent to 8163 copies of War and Peace.

#nineteen. Internet projects in Cuba

In 2011, the US government sponsored the creation of a mobile application similar to Twitter, # exclusively for Cubans. Such a program was supposed to serve as a way of communication for the inhabitants of the country, to provide them with the opportunity, including to express their social position. But even such high-tech ideas did not help the country to come out from behind an iron curtain, behind which the country has been located for many years.

#20. Prohibited Sites

Since 2009, the government in China has banned the operation of a number of Internet sites, in particular the social network.

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