What is interesting on the Internet: 21 kinds of exciting resources
What is interesting on the Internet: 5 practical advice + 21 kinds of useful and exciting resources for all. The one who enters the world wide web remains here forever…

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Rewriting and selling copywriting: see what it is
Friends and colleagues, hello! I love to conduct a comparative analysis of the whole row. Do you think it has nothing to do with copywriting? Perhaps, for the near-ryter, tapping…

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What is the domain and hosting for the site Rubric: Website creation
Creating your site is one of the stages of a long journey that a neophyte is going to, who has decided to freelance or blog and earn in this way…

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Where can I buy an article for the site: the exchange of low-cost content

When creating your site, the question arises about its content. Well, not everyone can or love to write with talent and beauty. Well, because of this, and the site does not start? This issue is solved easily: you can order, and you can buy an article for the site. Where, how much, under what conditions – we’ll talk about it today.

The benefits of exchanges
Due to the fact that companies and individuals have a constant need for websites, content exchanges have arisen specifically for filling in the Internet, where you can buy or order ready-made articles.

The advantages of buying content on the stock exchanges:
low cost articles;
thematic rubricator, thanks to which you can easily find what you need for a website of any orientation;
convenient search system for the price and volume of the article;
preliminary checking of articles for uniqueness by internal programs of the site;
more or less careful selection of authors;
administration, which will quickly help to solve all sorts of misunderstandings.
Exchange – a fairly convenient resource for finding content. However, on the first page of the search engine proven and popular platforms alternate with little-known sites. Where to stop, where to buy articles without fear of wasting money?

Etxt.ru is a popular stock exchange with low prices and a huge store of finished articles – more than 190 thousand. Before you go on sale, the content is tested for uniqueness and spelling.

Textsale.ru – a large number of articles, more than 30 thousand, convenient and detailed heading, but prices may not be the most comfortable, but in the section of unclaimed orders, articles are sold quite cheap.

Advego.ru is a serious exchange with a harsh test of content. Many customers believe that only the Antiplagiat program, which is made on this exchange, guarantees the quality of the article … The average price of articles is higher than on other exchanges.

Text.ru is a small selection of articles, but the system of checking texts for uniqueness, spelling and rewriting is quite convenient.

Copylancer.ru – content store, 60 thousand ready-made articles. Prices are relatively low. Copywriters are selected by test and portfolio before being accepted as a writer, so there is no risk of running into shkolotu.

Exchange Tips
On each exchange to the articles indicates the number of characters. Traditionally it is considered to be signs without spaces. If you know how much articles you need – very good. The most demanded size of articles is 3000-6000 characters.
Tip: a page in the Word, typed in a standard font of standard size, which are the default, approximately contains 2200-2400 characters without spaces. Although the presence of numbered or unumbered lists can significantly reduce this number.

None of the stock exchange can not view the article in full, only a demo fragment. Therefore, before buying, read the article description: you will see two things from it: how much the author understands what the description is and how it covers the topic in the article. Sometimes the description specifies the presence of formatting (lists, subsections). Also look through the words that are often found in the article — if there are 15 identical words in a material of 1000 characters, this is a clear reference. About perespam I wrote here. Caricature: peraspam
Carefully read the information about the author, review the rating and customer reviews, if any. Pay attention to the portfolio: the style and manner of writing the author of articles. This, of course, is not an absolute guarantee of quality, but it avoids inadequate graphomania.
Do not shy away from rewriting: sometimes a competent and correct retelling is much better than opuses far from reality. Moreover, the rewriting on the stock exchanges is a bit cheaper than copywriting. If you do not understand what I am talking about, look at this article. Caricature: teacher and student
It is possible that the article will have to be slightly corrected for your particular site: the author does not write to order, but on a general topic. If this does not suit you, then it is possible to order paid articles on stock exchanges for your needs – and often from the same authors.
Be careful with those authors who have too low prices and a huge number of articles: most often they are resellers of cheap rewriting, who sometimes do not even bother to correct articles ordered for nothing by inexperienced beginners. Recognizing is quite simple: an author who writes himself cannot rivet 20-30 articles on different topics every day. Although if the quantity is within reasonable limits, and the subject matter is close, then you can buy in bulk articles that complement one another.
As you can see, the stock exchange is a fairly convenient resource for inexpensive, high-quality and unique content. If, of course, you can find him there before you go to a permanent job with one copywriter.

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