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What are the requirements for seo texts for the site?
Having written a couple - three simple informational articles, take a closer look at the…


What are the requirements for seo texts for the site?

Having written a couple – three simple informational articles, take a closer look at the tasks on seo-copywriting. To understand how to write such texts, you will need to understand the terminology. This is easy, but you will feel what a tempting thing this is – to write articles that must contain the words and phrases specified in the statement of work. When it comes to optimizing texts for key requests, know that you are faced with the task of writing more than just unique content on a given topic.

Website promotion with the help of texts is a complex task of two people: a seo-specialist and a copywriter. After analyzing popular queries on the topic of the site with which they work, experts on seo-optimization select the necessary key phrases and words.

How does this happen? For example, Yandex asked 4438 people about quail breeding at home for a month. This means that the phrase “breeding quails at home” must be met in the text – this will be the key by which the search engine can find your article and give it to the reader. Yandex is looking for quail breeding

On the basis of these data, a technical statement for the author is compiled. Working together with such a person, you will receive a steady income. Moreover, the price for seo-copywriting is significantly higher than rewriting.

Basic concepts
Key, keyword, key phrase – the words by which the article will be indexed in the search. In a good seo article, they should be evenly distributed. Under the terms of the customer, you can understand whether to incline them or whether a direct entry is required.
The entry is direct, precise, indirect – the conditions by which the keys must be entered into the text. With direct entry they can not be inclined. If the key is complex, that is, it consists of several words, if it is entered precisely, it cannot be broken by other words or punctuation marks. Indirect entry allows both breakdown and declination.
Description – the description of the article with the designation of the main idea. As a rule, do not exceed 160 – 200 words. This paragraph gives the reader an understanding of what will be discussed. It is useful to be able to write the correct descript in general for any article. For example, on copylancer.ru, as in principle on other exchanges, the quality of an article laid out for sale can be estimated by the first 400 characters and description. So a cleverly written description will increase your chances for sale.
Nausea text – the number of keys or identical words in the article. According to generally accepted rules should not exceed 7%. Calculated from the total number of characters. As a rule, the customer indicates the number of occurrences of keywords, which you must comply with. Excess of this indicator will lead to spamming of the page.
Anchor is a link, made up of tags <a> and </a>. Anchors are needed in order to link the texts of the pages between themselves. Two articles show each other
General requirements for seo-articles are simple and understandable even for a beginner – a copywriter.

The optimal volume is 2000 – 3000 characters.
Headline Desirable with a direct entry of the key. (Customers, as a rule, stipulate it).
Descript – up to 200 words.
High uniqueness – 95 – 100%.
Keyword density is indicated by the customer. (Be careful if the text of 2,000 characters requires more than 4 keys. Especially this type of “wedding and evening dresses to order Moscow.” Such keys are very difficult to naturally enter.)
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Having learned how much extra effort it will take to write seo-optimized text, you now understand why their cost is much higher than that of regular articles. Starting work on such orders, you will learn a lot about the possibilities of the Russian language! Do not listen to those who believe that seo is a horror and punishment for a literate person. A few years ago, I would agree with that. Today’s site optimization requirements have changed dramatically.

And finally, this is the question: why do you need a copywriter to study seo, if everything is already written in orders?