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Linkotek – link quality analyzer

Linkotek – the name of its own design i-Media. This program is designed to automate the reference site promotion. This tool is designed to work on ranking ranking factors. Our system automates the management of external links and monitors the parameters of internal optimization.

As a result, you get:
Lower cost of search engine optimization
Higher position in search engines
Reducing the risk of sanctions imposed by search engines
Benefits Link Library:
Analysis of available for purchase links
Buying the most effective links
Health monitoring, removal of ineffective links
Optimization of the rate of purchase links
Monitoring of internal optimization parameters
The tool is intended for in-company use by search engine optimization managers (optimizers). It allows you to automate the work with the reference mass of sites, conduct analytics of links, buy more good and remove bad links.

What exactly does Linkotek do?
Analyzes the link base of the main exchanges and selects the most effective links from the millions available for purchase, which will bring the greatest reference weight to the promoted website. For this, a large number of parameters are analyzed, which include both the indicators of the entire donor site1 and the indicators of a specific page. For example, the thematic proximity of the donor and recipient2 links, the correspondence of the text on the donor’s page to the recipient’s page, the presence of stop words (porn), etc. are analyzed. both on the entire donor site and on a specific site. Thus, our link will be topical and, importantly, will not coexist with the content of “indecent” content (the site will not be shown for indecent requests).

Linkotek does not buy links to low-quality resources that do not transfer weight, do not miss the low-grade forums and message boards.

Linkotek helps the optimizer to generate text links, exports projects to the exchange. If the priorities of the search engines have changed and the link texts need to be redone, then Linkoteka will allow you to do this in a batch mode in the shortest possible time.

It should be borne in mind that for an online store, an information portal and a business card site you need to create a different reference profile. Reference profiles of young sites from trust sites also differ. Linkotek helps to choose an individual link mass that will be suitable for your site. Our system will try to give your link profile the most natural look.

The link library will help to build up the primary reference mass at the start of the project, will allow to purchase additional links if they are insufficient, it will give an opportunity to stabilize the reference budget on the same level. At the same time, she herself keeps track of the fact that there are already enough links and will turn off immediately upon reaching the target result. Therefore, the option that there are too many links purchased is simply excluded!

Linkotek works 24 hours a day, purchasing links according to the schedule built by the algorithm. But that is not all! Linkotek is a great tool for link mass analytics. It will help determine the current quality of the company’s links, allowing, if necessary, to quickly make adjustments.

Our system constantly monitors changes at the donor sites. For example, if the webmaster removed the link from the site, closed it in nofollow, or hid it in other ways, if the link is not indexed by search engines or other problems are present, then the optimizer will promptly find out about such links and remove them (in order not to waste the budget). ). Thus, money is spent only on really working links, allowing to save the reference budget.

It is very important to build the correct schedule of purchasing links for the client’s site. This is necessary so that the so-called “reference explosion” does not occur – an abrupt increase in the reference mass of the site, which is negatively perceived by search engines.

It is also worth noting that in addition to links from exchanges, we buy “eternal” links from exchanges of articles, from blogs, etc., in order to dilute the reference mass.

Our system is flexible. We ourselves can set the tracking of the necessary parameters that interest us. Search algorithms are constantly changing and improving. In turn, at each stage of their development, we understand what to pay closer attention to.

And it is very important that Linkotek is a fully automated system. No program of promotion of sites will not be able to track so many parameters of links. In manual mode, it is incredibly difficult to watch indexing of each link, etc. After all, a lot of links and for each can be followed only with the help of such a system. Thus, our Customer can be sure that quality links are bought for his resource, the human factor is eliminated, he saves money, and his requests go out faster without the risk of sanctions from the search engines.



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