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Facts about Google: search history and interesting projects
Today, Google is associated not only with the most popular web site - Google search engine, but also with a number of projects that have played an important role in…

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Facts about Google: search history and interesting projects

Today, Google is associated not only with the most popular web site – Google search engine, but also with a number of projects that have played an important role in the development of the modern Internet (maps, 3D Earth, Chrome, Glass, etc.) and the world of information technology in general.

10 facts about Google: an interesting story and future Google projects

#one. Advertising revenue
Google’s annual advertising revenue is $ 20 billion, which is more than the prime-time revenue of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX television companies combined.

# 2. Search Engine Popularity
Every minute more than 2 million search queries are entered into Google.

# 3. April Fool’s joke
A new service – Gmail mail, first appeared on April 1, 2004. Many, knowing the love of the company’s management for this holiday, thought it was just a joke on April 1.

#four. The success of the Chrome project
Today, Google Chrome’s web browser is being developed by the former leading Firefox developer.

#five. Personnel Policy of the Corporation
Google does not recognize the high marks and diplomas of prestigious universities – more than 14% of the company’s employees did not even go to college.

# 6. The original name of the search engine
The first name of the search engine, which became the basis for Google in the modern sense – “Backrub”.

# 7. Excite’s big mistake
In 1999, the founders of Google tried to sell it to Excite for $ 1 million. Excite representatives did not see the potential in the project and refused to buy.

#eight. Hidden entertainment features
There are several interesting search queries in Google search that slightly change the look of a search page. Good examples are queries: askew, tilt, do a barrel roll or atari breakout in the Google Image service.

#9. Rare but interesting work
Very # interesting profession: Google hired a guide and his camel to remove the oasis of Liva in the desert (works for Street View technology).

#ten. User poaching technologies
Microsoft has created a loyalty program and is paying for using the Bing search engine instead of Google.

#eleven. Dog lovers
All over the world, people are often divided into cat or dog lovers. Google has enshrined in its official code that this is a dog lovers company.

#12. Biggest failure
On August 16, 2013, Google systems crashed, leading to a 5-minute forced inactivity. During these 5 minutes, the volume of global # Internet traffic fell by 40%.

#13. Linguistic diversity
The Google search engine is available in various languages ​​of the world, including artificial ones. The user can even select interface languages ​​such as Klingon (from Star Trek) or Esperanto.

#14. The price of the function “I’m lucky!”
Button “I’m lucky!” reduces Google’s annual revenue by $ 110 million, as the user views fewer ads.

#15. Funny case
On April 1, 2007, Google employees received a letter via internal corporate email warning that a python was lost in the central office. What at first glance sounded like a joke, in fact, was true.

#sixteen. Future Computer Project
Google employees are modeling the computer system of the future, which will have the ability to program itself.

# 17. The most popular Internet site
Sometimes it seems that social networks are more popular than search engines. But analytical data still indicates that Google is the # 1 website in terms of traffic, and #Facebook has more work to do.

#18. Best Employer
For the past 4 years in a row, the authoritative magazine Fortune Mag has named Google the best employer in the United States.

#nineteen. #Google name history
The non-existent word Google, which became the name of the brand, appeared by chance. The founders of the company made a mistake in the spelling of the word “googol” (googol), which means # number, represented by a unit with 100 zeros.

#20. Financial assistance for employee families
When a Google employee dies, his spouse from the company receives an amount equivalent to half the salary for the last 10 years, and the children receive a monthly assistance of $ 1,000 (up to the age of 19).

# 21. Book Digitization Project
Until 2020, Google intends to digitize famous works of art, and this is more than 129 million books in different languages ​​of the world.

# 22. New requests daily
Every day, 16% of the queries that users enter Google are unique, that is, the search engine has never met them.

# 23. Search index size
The Google search index is over 100 million gigabytes. This index can fit on 100,000 personal hard drives of 1 terabyte (this is the average amount of memory on a modern personal computer).

# 24. Interesting job and possibly future profession
To operate the Street View function on Google maps, the company’s employees photographed more than five million kilometers of roads in different countries of the world.

# 25. YouTube video portal
YouTube is one of Google’s most popular projects.

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