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How to find out the date the site was created: what it is for, who needs it and how

Yes, I remember how I was deceived when I was a novice and bought myself a young and promising site, as it seemed to me. I bought it on the stock exchange of used websites, and it turned out to be an old, abandoned former owner, overbought and buried in me like a sucker. Domain drop was, but more on that below. There will be a continuation of this sad story and one more story – generally tin.

Hello dear visitor, today we talk about age. To find out our age, just look in the passport, and how to find out the date of the creation of the site? For almost 4 years, my blog has already looked like most of them – terrible. Look at what he was.

I already told how and where I buy ready-made sites and even showed there on video. Creating from scratch or buying on the stock exchange b / y sites, many novice developers are guided by examples that are already in the top search results. The measure of success is the time of the existence of a project, and understanding this information helps to build a content strategy, clearly demonstrating to you the possibilities and dynamics of the site development.
How to find out the age of the site and for whom it is necessary
The first thing you need to know is that under the “age of the site” most often means the time of registration of a domain name. In this lies the main pitfall. If, say, the owner moved the site from another domain for one reason or another, it will be impossible to identify the real age of the site. Even if you need information about the resource of interest, do not fall for this trick.

First of all, it may be interesting to know the lifetime of the WEB site. Secondly, knowing the age of the resource of a direct competitor can effectively promote your own product. What does it affect? On an SEO budget, for the duration of your strategy. When you surf the Internet, you may also need to confirm the relevance of the information provided. For example, preparing for the exam, or being in search of suppliers, partners, you get on the information material, and it is not always clear when it was created, because the calendar of publication of the material is simply not established.

How old are you?
What affects
Basically on the ranking in the search engines, both in the direction of improvement and in the direction of the deterioration of these indicators. It is believed that the older the site, the higher it will be in the list of search engine results. However, you shouldn’t relax, search engines also use out-of-date information deduction algorithms, assign a “garbage” level to sites that are abandoned or not updated. “Mature” are sites from the 8 months of its existence, and the loyalty of search engines to such resources increases dramatically in relation to new Internet services. It is this fact that guides developers who are eager to buy an already finished product, and not invest money and energy in the promotion of a new resource.

This is in principle understandable, the older the site the cooler. But how it was with me: I bought a one-year-old website on forex, and it turned out to be an old abandoned drop. A drop is when the site owner does not extend it and it ceases to exist, but the memory about it remains in search engines, old links lead to it, etc. That is, if you register a new domain name now, but it will be abandoned once is it not good? See: the age of the new site will be five days, and links to it will be three years old. Not suspicious?

Well, it’s okay, I threw it away and threw it away. But my colleague has registered a new domain, and he turned out to be a former porn site. Imagine? porn nychka. He immediately found himself under the AGS and she cleaned it of this stain for a long time, and only recently Yandex removed this filter from it. About how I deduced my site from the AGS read with pictures here.