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Website promotion in Yandex

Do you have your own business ?! Are you the owner of your company’s corporate website ?! You have a question: “How important is website promotion in Yandex to attract more customers in your business?” The specialists of i-Media definitely believe that promotion of a site on Yandex is one of the most important components for maintaining the right advertising campaign for your business. However, there are some important features of this type of advertising.

Features promotion of sites in Yandex
1. Website promotion in Yandex is a progressive process.

SEO is an ongoing process
No need to wait for an instant effect after the moment you start promoting your project. For low-frequency queries, a tangible effect should appear in 1.5 – 2 months, for medium-frequency queries – in 3-4 months and for high-frequency queries in 5-6 months. And if you want to advance on high-frequency and very highly competitive inquiries, then the timing of the withdrawal of your project on such requests can be significantly more than half a year.

2. The results of website promotion in Yandex depend primarily on you.

The results of promotion in Yandex depend on You Customers, who believe that the result of promoting their website depends solely on the quality of the work of the optimization company, is deeply mistaken. The fact is that the algorithms of the Yandex search engine are very attentive to the architecture of your site, they track how unique the content on your site is, how often it is updated. In this regard, before you start promoting your website in the Yandex search system, you must firmly decide for yourself that you are ready to take an active part in the development of your Internet resource according to the requirements of the optimization company.

3. Do not delay the timing of coordination of the stages of promotion.

We do not say that after a question has been submitted for coordination from an optimization company, then you need to drop all your affairs and start considering the incoming question. We are well aware that you have a huge amount of business in your business. However, within 1-3 days you still need to allocate some of your precious time and answer questions regarding the promotion of your favorite site. After all, in the end, delaying the terms can cost you a pretty penny.

4. Do not refuse recommendations on site modifications from SEO-optimizers – look for compromises of implementations.

Do not refuse technical tasksContact the optimization company and discuss alternative ways to resolve the differences. At least, i-Media specialists are always ready to enter into an open dialogue with the client and will make every effort to find alternative ways in case of problematic situations at the stage of harmonization of requirements for internal optimization or improvements to your site.

5. Do not ask optimizers to quickly increase the reference budget.

SendInstant increase in link mass to your website may lead to sanctions from the Yandex search engine and as a will be pessimized or banned altogether. SEO specialists know how to properly and efficiently work on external factors promoting your website. At i-Media, working on external factors means not only measured buying links to your project with Link Library, but also actively using blogs, articles, reviews, eternal and natural links as tools for website promotion in Yandex, rationally distributing the budget provided to us Your project. Therefore, do not panic, if a month after the start of the project you see a small increase in the reference mass to your site. Time will pass and it will be sufficient. You only need to rely on the professionalism of specialists in website promotion and wait a bit.

6. Ask partners to post links to the site being promoted.

Your site receives a thematic link mass increase, which is very positively perceived when promoting the site in Yandex. One similar link in terms of quality characteristics can replace several ones that the optimization company will select for you on its sites. You perfectly understand that SEO specialists are simply not authorized to communicate with your partners on this issue. Thus, your participation in the work on external factors promoting your site will be very welcome.

7. Coordinate all planned changes on the site with optimizers.

Some improvements have a very negative impact on the results of the promotion. In this regard, if you have any ideas for modifying your site, contact the SEO experts who are engaged in its promotion, and discuss your wishes to your site.

In the above paragraphs, the main aspects of the optimization of the site in Yandex are briefly described. There are convincing arguments that the results of website promotion are very dependent on the desire of the client himself to develop his favorite website according to the requirements of SEO professionals.

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